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What exactly does the Emergency plug do?

The Emergency plug provides the car with a charging signal. As a result, the car is under the impression that it is charging, this automatically causes a plug-in car to leave the D (drive mode) and automatically puts itself in the P (park) or N position (neutral).

What is the purpose of the Emergency plug?

The idea of the Emergency plug is so that emergency responders, garage owners, etc. can work safely in and around electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. The Emergency plug makes it impossible for the e-vehicle to drive.

Can one detect/hear that an electric car is operational?

No, because one cannot detect whether an electric car is operational, therefore the working environment for emergency responders is extra difficult and dangerous. The emergency repsonder does not hear whether the car is going into drive and / or is operational. When one places the Emergency plug, the car can no longer be operational and therefore no unexpected movements can occure.

For whom is the Emergency plug designed for?

For anyone who works safely in or around an electric or plug-in-hybrid car.

Why is there LED lighting attached to the Emergency plug?

This is an additional safety tool to show the user that the Emergency plug emits the correct values so that the car will no longer move (green) and that the Emergency plug connects to the vehicle (blue).

Does the Emergency plug make a plug-in car powerless?

No the Emergency plug does not put the car powerless mode all electrical functions are still operational and can be used accordingly. Our courses demonstrate that a car does not necessarily have to be powerless.

Is all electricity still operational for use when the Emergency plug is installed?

One can continue to operate all electrical functions. This is a great advantage when a emergency responder, for example, hase to be able to operate the windows and / or seats.

Does the Emergency plug causes damage to the car?

No, the Emergency plug does not cause any damage to the car or electronics.

Is the Emergency plug a replacement for the current/applicable protocols?

One can use the Emergency plug to safely execute the protocols.

Does all data remain intact when one insert the Emergency plug?

All stored data remains intact.

When one removes the Emergency plug, is it possible that the vihicle can drive again?

When one removes the Emergency plug from the vehicle, the vehicle can continue driving after you have pressed the start/stop button.

For what kind of vehicles is the Emergency designed for?

The Emergency plug is universal and fits all plug-in vehicles worldwide.

Is the Emergency plug also designed for unplugged vehicles?

The Total Safety Solutions emergency plug is designed for all electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles with a connection type 1 or type 2. The vehicles for which the Emergency plug is suitable comply with the European legislation "UN/ECE regulation no. R100.01".

Is it dangerous to use an Emergency plug?

The Emergency plug does not come into contact with the high voltage pins of the vehicle and is therefore safe to use.

Is it possible that one could be electrocuted when using the Emergency plug?

It is impossible to be electrocuted when using the Emergency plug.

Is it difficult to use the Emergency plug?

No, it is the same procedure as placing a charging plug. Therefore one only has to plug into the car's charging point.

How does one know if the Emergency plug makes contact with the vehicle?

When the Emergency plug is connected, the LED lighting will turn blue.

As an emergency responder, how does one know that the Emergency plug is not broken?

When used, there is a test button and when all signes are good, the lighting will turn green.

Does one need to use the Emergency plug when airbags have gone off?

When airbags have gone off, it does not guarantee that the interlock has done its job, so always place the Emergency plug.

Can one remove the Emergency plug from a powerless vehicle?

The Emergency plug is designed in such a way that it cannot be locked and always removable.

How do one ensure that the Emergency plug remains usable while all individual car brands continue to develop?

The Emergency plug is provided with a USB connection, which allows one to connect it to a computer to load updates.

The Emergency plug warranty terms and conditions?

We offer a standard 2-year warranty on the Emergency plug. For further explanation, see our general terms and conditions.

What is the weight and size of the Emergency plug, is it easy to carry?

The Emergency plug is about the same size and weight as a normal charging plug.

What is unpredictable vehicle behavior?

Unpredictable vehicle behaviour means when a car starts moving by itself during operations in and around the vehicle, this entails risks.


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