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When the police are the first to arrive at an accident, they can place the Emergency plug. Thus creating the situation safe for everyone. In addition, the Emergency plug for the police can also have another purpose. Normally, when an arrest is made, the police ask that the vehicle be turned off. It is not possible to hear whether this is actually happening with an electric vehicle.

Placing the Emergency plug can be vital for the police because an officer has few resources with him/her to stabilize a vehicle. The importance of the Emergency plug proves itself in the following scenarios, among others.

Incident management

In most cases, an police officer is the first to arrive at the scene of an incident. When the police officer immediately places the Emergency plug, he/she immediately removes the danger of unpredictable vehicle behaviour. In this case, the approaching of other rescuers can get to work at the scene of the accident without wasting time.

The officer also has a task at the scene of the incident to protect the onlookers. By placing the Emergency plug, the plug car can no longer drive. This allows the police officer to focus on keeping the public safely at a distance.


Due to the growth in the number of plug-in vehicles on the road, it is increasingly common that these are involved in an incident. It is difficult for an officer to determine from the outside whether these plug-in vehicles are switched off because of the quiet engine. This can lead to various undesirable and dangerous situations. By placing the Emergency plug directly when approaching the vehicle, the agent ensures that the vehicle can no longer drive away. When the plug is removed, the person can continue on their way.

Want to know more about risk mitigation?

Technical assistance to plug-in vehicles entails additional dangers for the fire service; think of electrocution, thermal runnaway and unpredictable vehicle behaviour. However, the realization that electrocution danger is nil when providing assistance, but that unpredictable vehicle behavior is the biggest problem is decreasing more and more. For more information read here or go to the website.

We discuss this in detail in the lessons that Total Safety Solutions gives. We can also demonstrate these dangers in the practical lessons with a scale model car. View the training E-voertuigen

vinkje Did you know that?

  • The Emergency plug is universal and fits every electric car and plug-in hybrid with a type 1 and type 2 plug connection.
  • The Emergency plug has a luminescent edge that glows blue when an electric car is actually “on” and the plug prevents the plug from driving off. This is an extra safety to check the condition of the car.
  • The Emergency plug has a self-test function. With a button you test whether all software works correctly before you apply it. When operating correctly, the edge of the Emergency plug lights up green.
  • An electric car normally locks an installed plug to prevent theft, for example. This makes it difficult to remove a normal charging plug. The Emergency plug is designed in such a way that it does not lock, making it easy to remove. This protection ensures that you can use the plug again and again.
  • The Emergency plug can open the valve for the charging connection of a Tesla with the test button.
  • The Emergency plug provides software updates.
  • Using the Emergency plug prevents a lot of damage.


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